Within a critical infrastructure, protection devices such as fences, gates, barriers, etc. need to function at optimum performance levels in order to avoid or slow an intrusion. Their damage or deterioration thus constitute a security breach in the safety structure.

To fill security gaps and ensure the on-going safety of sensitive areas, conventional solutions, such as patrol officers or canine units, may result in bigger expenses and constraints, in terms of human and material resources. To address these issues, Bertin provide provides a modular sensor solution based on the Flexnet detection and surveillance platform, which has been developed by its subsidiary Exensor.

Flexnet is an autonomous, user-friendly and comprehensive solution designed for the detection, classification and identification of any threat on a full 360° 24/7 perimeter.

Combining a wide range of sensors (passive infrared, seismic and acoustic), and intelligent motion cameras with a proprietary command & control, this wireless protection and surveillance system ensures an efficient, reliable, and affordable monitoring for any critical infrastructure.

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