As an accurate cell counting is essential to most experiments, Bertin Instruments launches a new app for its InCellis cell imager: Total Cell Counting. Thank to this app, the user can obtain an absolute total cell count, thus enabling him to estimate the total number of cells in the chosen vessel. The app generates detailed results, as the number of cells by field of view and the mean number depending on your vessels.

Developed for grown epithelial cells, this protocol can also prove useful for other adherent cell lines cultured. The specific algorithm of this app does not require any trypsinization nor staining to ensure its proper use: it works directly on adherent cells, without any prior treatment, in order to avoid compromising the cell culture for downstream analysis.

How to use the app:

– Make sure you are equipped with the latest version of the InCellis software (1.2.6)

– Download the app for a 15-day FREE DEMO

– Set up your InCellis with a 20x magnification

– Take at least four pictures of your cell culture and launch the application!

– After selecting your vessel and the 4 pictures, indicate the number of cells in the delimited area, the app will automatically calculate the number of cells in the entire sample.

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