Being able to measure the size of the element you are observing directly on the cell imager is crucial for an efficient image analysis. In order to compare cells morphology before and after treatment, measuring directly on the bench is a great way to draw conclusion quickly and thus gain time.
Discover the latest addition to the InCellis cell imager’s toolbox: InCellis Measurement App. InCellis is an all in one solution providing high sensitivity to your observation and enabling you to observe and calculate everything you need, directly on the bench, using its different Applications: Cell Confluency App, Transfection App, Total Cell Counting App.
While observing your sample you can choose to measure the distance you need directly on the InCellis screen. For instance, the combination of the InCellis cell imager and its Measurement App was used to study the impact of inflammatory drugs on epidermal thickness of mouse skin. Thanks to this combination, accurate results were obtained rapidly.

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