The Precellys lysing kit family is growing with the NEW Protein Safe Lysing kit. Developed internally by Bertin Technologies, in synergy with Bertin Bioreagent’s team, this new Precellys Lysing kit aims to provide an adapted solution to scientists who perform protein extraction and who are concerned about the proteins integrity.

The Protein Safe Precellys Lysing kits provide a reliable and easy to use solution to homogenize biological samples for protein extraction purposes using Precellys Tissue Homogenizers. During the homogenization process, the cells components, initially isolated from each other, are released in the homogenate. This can lead to undesired degradation of the sample’s proteins and to an important loss of the targeted proteins. The use of Protein Safe lysing kits ensures the protection of the samples and the extracted proteins from proteases degradation.

The Protein Safe Precellys Lysing kit contains a specific component blocking proteases activity and protecting the desired proteins. This new product will be available on January 2019, but you can already place a pre-order to be among the firsts to benefit from this innovation!

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