The software version 1.6 extends the detection capabilities of the Second Sight MS with Gas X, multiple gases visualization and user-own-gas database.

The Gas X detection is a unique algorythm that detects a gas cloud at distance even if the gas signature is not in the database. This enables the detection of unknown gases, mixture or unpure gases. Identification is still provided in case the gas signature is matching one included in the database. The visualization of the multiple gases is enhanced. Each gas cloud is tracked independently and is depicted in real time as an overlay in blue color. The intensity of signal is translated in opacity of the blue color. Identification, confidence index and concentration are given in live for each gas cloud. Last but not least, the version 1.6 includes a new feature for research purpose. The user is able to update the database with its own gas. Practically, the user has the capability to teach the system with a gas release in live. During the gas X detection, the user indicates on the software the name of the gas in front of the Second Sight MS so that the new gas signature is recorded in the database. The Second sight MS is able to identify this gas in a future gas alarm.

The Version 1.6 is released in Octobre 2016 and is compatible with all Second Sight MS-V2, do not hesitate to ask for an update.