FusionSight® team is very pleased to announce that a new software version has been released.

9 months after its official launch at EuroSatory, FusionSight®, Night & Day Vision Enhancer, has been demonstrated and experienced by several forces, military and homeland security, all around the world.

In the aim of proposing an even more ergonomics and intuitive device to the users, Bertin Instruments’ team designed a brand new version of FusionSight® On-Screen Display (OSD).

Now, user can immediately perform the main features of FusionSight®, without any inconvenient change of menu. As soon as the device is switched on, it becomes simple to select the vision mode (thermal, low light or smart fusion), zoom in or out, and take a picture, in the same interface and still with only three buttons. User completes its mission with key surveillance functions right under his fingers.

With that new OSD, use of FusionSight® is more intuitive and training is reduced.

That new software version has already been adopted by our customers, contact Bertin’s team to update your FusionSight!


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