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Best practices for emulsion preparation with Bioreagent & Precellys

04 Aug 2022

Bertin’s field application scientist Mariana Gaboriau has prepared a selection of articles dedicated to emulsion preparation using Precellys tissue homogenizers and the Precellys emulsion kit. A research article on the standardization of antigen-emulsion preparations for the induction of autoimmune disease models: experimental autoimmune encephalitis, collagen II induced arthritis, antigen induced arthritis, and delayed type hypersensitivity […]

Best summer readings with Bertin Instruments

29 Jul 2022

Summer is the perfect time to relax and learn something new. Discover Mariana Gaboriau’s, our field application scientist, selection of four articles to read on the beach or near the pool. Have nice holidays with Bertin Instruments!   This summer you are not the only one suffering from the heat : Vulnerability of honey bee […]

[Interview] How to Start Monitoring Airborne Pathogens in a Healthcare Setting

27 Jul 2022

The recent pandemic has emphasised the risk of airborne transmission of potential pathogens in healthcare settings. The Coriolis air sampler range from Bertin Technologies however offers a good solution to these problems whether the target organisms are bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Discover the benefits the Coriolis air samplers can offer in this exclusive interview with Floriane […]

[Application Note] Fungal assessment by culture and PT-PCR assay in waste sorting plant

19 Jul 2022

Monitoring the air contamination of an environment is crucial to prevent health effects on human beings and severe diseases. In this application note, discover how the Coriolis μ can be used to detect potential pathogenic/toxigenic fungal species where their presence can be masked by other predominant ones, for example in a waste sorting plant. Read […]

Bertin provides EDF with a complete mobile radiation monitoring system

11 Jul 2022

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, the Nuclear Emergency Task Force (Force d’Action Rapide Nucléaire – FARN) was set up by EDF and trained to intervene immediately in a crisis situation. To ensure optimal reactivity in the event of a nuclear incident, Bertin offered FARN the GammaTRACER Spider probe. Focus on the radiation monitoring […]

[Poster] Identify bacteria and viruses in the air with Coriolis air samplers

01 Jul 2022

Wastewater treatment generates aerosols of different sizes and all airborne biological agents can be subsequently deposited on surfaces. As a result, workers in wastewater treatment plants may be exposed to viral agents during their occupational activities and are more likely to develop a wide variety of work-related symptoms, including respiratory and gastrointestinal adverse outcomes. In […]

[Application Note] Cannabinoid analysis in nail and hair samples with mass spectrometry

30 Jun 2022

Hair testing is a convenient and non-invasive technique for the detection of many controlled drugs and drugs of abuse in forensic science. In cases where hair cannot be collected, nail testing can be a suitable alternative, as it also allows for long-term drug analysis. While many analytical methods exist for the detection of drugs in […]

[Application note] Quantification of viable bacteria from infected mouse tissue

21 Jun 2022

Conventional protocols requiring large sample numbers from each time-point and laborious homogenization of tissues are often used to quantify hypervirulent bacteria that disseminate into the tissues. Here, we present the method of using Precellys Evolution homogenizer to speed up tissue homogenization in an efficient, safe, and consistent way to simplify bacterial quantification in tissues. This […]

[Application note] Enhance new approaches in environmental monitoring

31 May 2022

Considering previous nuclear disasters in the last thirty years (Chernobyl, Fukushima), authorities had to realize that there was very low knowledge about the actual level and dispersion of radiation. Consequently after those events, many nuclear power plants and surveillance authorities had to upgrade and strengthen their measurement networks to comply with a similar catastrophe scenario. […]

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Precellys and our answers!

24 May 2022

Should I add protease inhibitors to the homogenization buffer for protein extraction applications? It depends on your downstream application, but protease inhibitors are often recommended to prevent protease-mediated protein degradation. Bertin’s Life Sciences team has also developed the Protein safe kits, a state-of-the-art lysing kit containing a proprietary mix of protease inhibitors. Please find more […]


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