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New civilian version for FusionSight

05 Oct 2017

Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the release of a civilian version for FusionSight. Based on the military digital night & day vision device, FusionSight’s civilian version displays the same state-of-the-art characteristics (with thermal and fusion channels displaying at 9Hz) and a brand new design. Specially conceived for security needs in land and at sea, […]

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Second Sight supervision for industrial sites – TOTAL trial campaign

06 Jul 2017

In June 2017, Bertin Instruments went to Total Lacq in Pau for a trial campaign on Methane. Several labs and industrials were invited to show their technology. The goal was to find out more on the different gas detection technologies (benefits and weaknesses) in order to develop a supervision software using the advantages of each […]


Bertin’s Second Sight MS chosen by the Australian Army

27 Apr 2017

Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, has announced that its Second Sight MS standoff detector of chemical threats has just been chosen by the Australian Defense Force (ADF) to equip its troops. “The Second Sight is composed of different modules, providing it with unrivalled flexibility of use and versatility as well as compactness, […]


Second Sight gas database update

28 Mar 2017

In October 2016, Bertin Systems and Instrumentation is conducting a new campaign of laboratory calibration for the Second Sight MS gas database. This database has been enriched with new gas types such as chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds. In the event of gas threat detection, it allows the Second Sight MS to provide […]


Discover our gas detection solution at Adipec, from 7 to 10 November!

21 Oct 2016

The Bertin Instruments team will attend the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference at the Abu Dhabi National Convention Center, from 7 to 10 November – BOOTH 13409 • HALL13. Visit us to discover our gas detection solutions for the oil and gas industry and radon monitoring! Find out more on the Second Sight […]


Bertin is launching the latest AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution – Read the press release!

30 Sep 2016

Bertin Instruments is pleased to present the latest version of its AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution (developed with Saphymo’s expertise). A portable equipment re-designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity (Rn-222/Rn-220 and progenies). AlphaGUARD is used as a reference by many scientists and service providers worldwide for programs on radon measurement in the […]


New Software release 1.6 for Second Sight MS

14 Sep 2016

The software version 1.6 extends the detection capabilities of the Second Sight MS with Gas X, multiple gases visualization and a user-own-gas database. The Gas X detection is a unique algorithm that detects a gas cloud at distance even if the gas signature is not in the database. This enables the detection of unknown gases, […]

Bertin Instruments - Radon safety

Surveying for radon on an oil platform

18 May 2016

AlphaGUARD and AlphaPM used for radon and radon progeny risk assessment on an oil platform. Molycorp Mountain Pass Minerals Mine, USA, have begun enhancing and modernizing their facilities. AlphaGUARD and AlphaPM have been used for a study to compare passive radon thoron detectors (track etch detectors) and real-time detectors (AlphaGUARD). In the case of passive […]


New era in gas detection methods for the oil and gas industry

31 Mar 2016

Petrofac awarded a contract to Bertin Instruments to supply, install and commission a pioneering gas leak tracking system, Second Sight, at the Saudi Aramco-owned Jazan refinery to enhance the level of safety on site. Bertin Instruments has achieved a major breakthrough by customizing its own gas imaging camera. Initially developed for defense and civil security […]


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