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[WHITE PAPER] Optimized homogenization protocols for NGS workflows

18 Sep 2020

The advent of next-generation sequencing techniques (NGS) has revolutionized the landscape of biology, allowing scientists to deepen their understanding of many diseases such as cancer. NGS workflows generally begin with a sample preparation step, whose success is crucial to ensure reliable sequencing results. An efficient and uniform homogenization is needed to obtain an adequate quantity […]

Oncology & Immuno-oncology: meet our experts on the next LSE Virtual Event

29 Jul 2020

Bertin Instruments will be presenting its innovative solutions in Life Sciences on a virtual booth during the next virtual summit organised by LSE on August 6, 2020. Discover our equipment & bio-analytical tools on our virtual booth and live chat with Floriane Cohen, PhD, Field Application Scientist, & Qingshan Mu, Ph.D & Sales Representative in […]

Coriolis µ used in the NASA Discovery Program

23 Jul 2020

Within the framework of Insight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport), a NASA Discovery Program mission that places a single geophysical lander on Mars, Coriolis µ has been used to monitor the air contamination before the launch. To minimize biological risk, each Mars mission should satisfy a certain number of requirements and […]

COVIDISC: a new screening tool for Covid-19

17 Jul 2020

Within the framework of a contract signed on June 11, 2020 with the City of Paris, Bertin Instruments is industrializing a new Covid-19 screening test. The École supérieure de physique chimie industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI) and the Institut Pasteur, with the help of a grant from the City of Paris, have been […]

Discover the new Precellys Lysing Kit 96WP for an optimal efficiency of Precellys Evolution

09 Jul 2020

Bertin Instruments launches a new accessory for its sample homogenizer Precellys Evolution: the 96 well-plate. Discover the new design of the tube holder & the blocking plate and the new consumables: Ease-of-use New individual caps: no cross-contamination risk Better tube positioning New matrix: better application coverage Product references: Tough micro-organism lysing VK05 WP: P002136-LYSK0-A Soft […]

Bertin Technologies, C4Diagnostics and Enalees launch BEC-SARS-CoV-2, an ultra-rapid and sensitive Covid-19 detection kit

01 Jun 2020

The three partners consolidated their expertise on developing a highly-sensitive test capable of detecting SARS-CoV-2 on site, in less than 15 minutes. The environmental test kit is now available, while the human diagnostic kit is in its final validation phase and scheduled for release in the upcoming weeks. Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of CNIM, C4Diagnostics, […]

Coriolis combined with EnviroX-Rv tests for environmental monitoring for SARS-CoV-2 detection

12 May 2020

Bertin Instruments and PathogenDx join forces in the fight against Covid-19 to create an innovative solution for airborne virus detection in air samples. This new solution consists of the Coriolis air sampler (Bertin Instruments) and the EnviroX-Rv kit (PathogenDx), based on a RT-qPCR+ PCR-DNA microarray hybridization technology. Thanks to the Coriolis high collection efficiency and […]

Maritime Search & Rescue virtual event: Bertin responds present!

11 May 2020

From May 13 to 14, 2020, Bertin – a CNIM Group company – will participate in its first virtual trade exhibition – the Maritime Search & Rescue event – initially organized in Tallin, Estonia, by Defence Leaders in partnership with the Estonian Police & Border Guard Board. As search & rescue organizations are conducting more […]

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with Coriolis μ air sampler

05 May 2020

The current Covid-19 pandemic is exposing the need for reliable solutions for airborne contamination control in healthcare settings. Bertin Instruments has developed Coriolis μ , a cyclonic air sampler that can be used coupled with rapid microbiology techniques to detect airborne viruses, including coronaviruses. The Coriolis μ is used by Imperial College London scientists to […]

Bertin Instruments, a partner of the healthcare sector

20 Apr 2020

Bertin presents its global offer dedicated to the healthcare sector; effective and innovative solutions for the multiple challenges of the sector: – SaphyRAD: a health physics instrument for searching and measuring radiation to ensure the protection of people in exposed environments such as hospitals – Coriolis, Precellys, Incellis: modern and efficient laboratory equipment for airborne […]


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