Bertin is launching the latest AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution – Read the press release!

    30 Sep 2016

    Bertin Instruments is pleased to present the latest version of its AlphaGUARD radon measurement solution (developed with Saphymo’s expertise). A portable equipment re-designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity (Rn-222/Rn-220 and progenies). AlphaGUARD is used as a reference by many scientists and service providers worldwide for programs on radon measurement in the […]


    Bertin is launching InCellis – new Cell Imager – Read the Press Release!

    28 Sep 2016

    Bertin Instruments is launching InCellis, a new cell imager developed to provide high quality images and facilitate day-to-day handing for scientists. The image quality in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence are generated by the state-of-the-art technology of the CMOS low-light sensor, also used in military applications for targeting and surveillance. As with all of Bertin’s […]


    Discover our air sampler Coriolis µ at the Atmos fair event, 11-12 October 2016

    22 Sep 2016

    Everyday air pollution: exposure and management. The knowledge and management of polluted releases are one of the major environmental challenges of our century. As such, the formation of various pollutants, measurement and treatment options must be known, assimilated, classified and communicated. A global view is needed: reducing NOx emissions directly impacts the olfactory sensation, a […]


    New Software release 1.6 for Second Sight MS

    14 Sep 2016

    The software version 1.6 extends the detection capabilities of the Second Sight MS with Gas X, multiple gases visualization and a user-own-gas database. The Gas X detection is a unique algorithm that detects a gas cloud at distance even if the gas signature is not in the database. This enables the detection of unknown gases, […]


    Discover the new AlphaGUARD: your Radon lab everywhere

    08 Sep 2016

    Bertin Instruments is launching a new generation of its AlphaGuard radon measurement solution. Developed with Saphymo’s expertise, the new AlphaGUARD is designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity in air, water, soil or material. This new version features additional measurement modes and a whole set of new analytics functionalities enabling users to […]


    Discover InCellis: a smarter cell imager solution

    08 Sep 2016

    Bertin Instruments is launching InCellis, a unique smart cell imaging system. Developed with Photonis technology inside, InCellis is able to directly generate publication-quality images of cells, on tissue slides or in cell culture, in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. InCellis is the new essential in-lab instrument: within a minute, its on-board applications enable users to […]


    Meet us at the Radon 2016 Conference & GARRM Workshop in Prague!

    24 Aug 2016

    Bertin Instruments and its brand Saphymo will exhibit during the 8th International Conference on Protection against Radon at Home and at Work, and the 13th International Workshop GARRM (on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping). This event is taking place from 12 to 16 September at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering […]


    Meet the Bertin Instruments team at AARST in San Diego!

    24 Aug 2016

    Bertin Instruments and its brand Saphymo will exhibit during the 30th Annual International Radon Symposium taking place from 18 to 21 September at Paradise Point, a Destination Resort hotel, in San Diego. Join us at our booth, n°9, to discover our latest offer for radon professional monitoring! About Saphymo: Created in 1952 and formerly a global […]


    Precellys new adaptor for 96 well-plates homogenization

    18 Jul 2016

    Precellys Evolution is now capable of handling 96 well-plates (300µL per well). New accessories were recently released to significantly increase the throughput of our state-of-the-art sample preparation equipment. In order to offer the best experience and significantly decrease the time of preparation, new pre-filled breakable 96 well-plates are also available. Since the quantity of samples […]

    Lysing of micro-organisms suspension in large volumes

    13 Jul 2016

    Microbes such as yeast or bacteria are difficult to lyse due to their thick cell wall, which makes nucleic acid extraction difficult. The most common technique for microbial extraction is the use of chemical lysis reagents followed by physical grinding with mortar and pestle in liquid nitrogen. The Precellys homogenizers offer an alternative and more […]


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