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[VIDEO] True or False? #airsampling

30 Jun 2021

Did you know that our Coriolis air samplers could collect all types of microorganisms? Let’s fight the preconceived ideas in video! Part 1:  Part 2: 

[VIDEO] Helpful tips for a successful ELISA assay

30 Jun 2021

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA is a plate-based assay commonly used to detect and quantify a ligand (commonly a protein or a peptide) in a liquid sample using antibodies. Discover here tips and tricks from our top scientists for a successful ELISA assay. >> Read the dedicated application page 

[VIDEO] Helpful tips for your virus detection in the air

29 Jun 2021

Sampling virus-laden aerosols is a notoriously difficult endeavor. Here, our top scientists have shared best practices to use air samplers for virus detection in various types of environments. >> Read the dedicated application page 

[VIDEO] Helpful tips for your DNA extraction

29 Jun 2021

Obtaining high-quality, high-yield DNA from a sample requires an optimal homogenization process. In this video, our team of scientists shares helpful tips to choose the right homogenization protocol for your DNA extraction. Read the dedicated application page >> 

New metal tubes for your hard samples

16 Jun 2021

Bertin adds to its range of Precellys Evolution accessories the 2 mL metal tube. This new tube is very resistant and allows to grind hard samples such as bones, teeth etc.  Its format is also adapted to cryogrinding /snap freezing techniques making it compatible with liquid nitrogen contact without breaking. Get it now! >>  Get […]

Bertin Technologies will return at the 2021 edition of SOFINS

15 Jun 2021

From June 29th to July 1st, Bertin Instruments and Exensor will attend the 5th edition of the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS), that will take place at the Camp de Souge in Gironde, France. As a unique biennial event in Europe, SOFINS gathers many French actors of the defense industry. Organized by the […]

Air sampling protocol for SARS-CoV-2 detection in healthcare settings

08 Jun 2021

Bertin Instruments experts will present an iPoster at World Microbe Forum 2021. Abstract: Nosocomial infections are an increasing source of concern for the Covid-19 pandemic. Several studies have shown that the transmission of Covid-19 in healthcare settings may amplify local outbreaks, and can worsen the burden on already overstreched resources (1). Understanding the airborne transmission […]

[VIDEO] Do you know how to protect your samples?

27 May 2021

Tissue homogenization process can be source of protein denaturation. Discover Protein Safe Lysing Kits and Cryolys Evolution, your shields to fight against sample degradation! Watch the video to know more about the ultimate solution to preserve the integrity of your sample during homogenization >>  Find your kit >>

[VIDEO] Sample preparation: what is the bead-beating technology?

25 May 2021

Sample preparation is critical to master molecules extraction from biological samples. The tissue homogenizers Precellys grind any sample prior to analysis using the 3D bead-beating technology. Watch the video and discover this gold standard for mechanical disruption >> 

Bertin Instruments to showcase its latest technologies at the Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021

13 Apr 2021

Bertin Instruments will be exhibiting and presenting to a global online audience at the upcoming SelectScience® Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021, launching May 11. Featuring major new developments in cancer and immunology research, from cutting-edge technologies to novel techniques and top resources to advance your work, this groundbreaking online event will provide an […]


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