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Use of the Precellys® Evolution homogenizer for unbiased DNA extraction from the ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standard

07 Nov 2017

Microbiome profiling via Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques is rapidly changing the landscape of microbiology. However, to ensure accurate microbiome measurements, it is essential to ensure the microbiome workflow is unbiased and robust. For instance, it has been reported that bias in microbiomics analyses can be introduced at every step including the DNA extraction step […]

FusionSight, finalist for the Milipol Innovation Awards – Try it booth #6R089!

03 Nov 2017

Bertin Instruments is proud to announce that FusionSight is a finalist for the Milipol Innovation Awards, in the category “Individual Equipment / First Responder Protection”. FusionSight’s world-first smart digital fusion between thermal and color visible low light sensors, undoubtedly brings operational advantages. It is closer to human vision than the thermal vision alone. Observation is […]

header SS Silver Seal of Quality

Precellys awarded with the Silver Seal of Quality from Select Science®!

30 Oct 2017

Precellys was just upgraded in the new SelectScience® Seal of Quality program, acknowledging the products that have consistently received the highest review ratings. This program was developed in order to further assist scientists when making important purchase decisions. These Seals are assigned to only 0.1 % of the products showcased on the SelectScience® website, and […]

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Bertin Instruments to exhibit @Neuroscience 2017, booth #515

26 Oct 2017

Join our team booth #515 at SFN’s annual meeting, at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington, DC on November 12th to 15th, to discover our range of laboratory equipment, including the Precellys homogenizers, and the InCellis cell imager. Don’t miss our Precellys demonstrations every day at 10AM and 2PM! Challenge the InCellis cell confluency calculation […]

header Incellis white paper

Best practices for cell culture confluency calculation with InCellis

24 Oct 2017

Cells are used as a working tool everyday in all R&D labs and quality checks must be performed in order not to compromise downstream experiments. In cell culture applications, confluence assessment is an important parameter that is commonly used to estimate the proportion of adherent cells. Most confluency measurements are estimations of the area covered […]


Determine on-site the radon concentration in water: sampling & on-line methods

23 Oct 2017

Radon can dissolve and build up in water from underground sources. If water comes from a well, it may contain Radon. Radon in the water dissolves and escapes into the air during household water use, especially when it is heated. An easy-to-handle experimental setup for the on-site determination of the Radon concentration in water samples […]

SaphyGATE-1st installation

First and successful installation of the new SaphyGATE G radiation portal monitor!

20 Oct 2017

Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the first official installation of the new SaphyGATE G portal monitor on October 09, 2017, for the scrap metal dealer GALLOO, in Dunkirk, France (about 15 km from the Gravelines nuclear power plant). After a first experience with an old generation portal monitor, GALLOO wanted to replace it with […]


Discover our radiation protection services | Watch the video!

12 Oct 2017

Bertin Instruments, with the expertise of Saphymo, offers for more than 60 years service solutions to the design and control radiation protection devices. In labs, factories or directly on site, an international team of experts is dedicated to our customers. They perform preventive and corrective maintenance of health physics and radiation monitoring instruments in order […]


New InCellis App: Get an absolute cell count!

12 Oct 2017

As an accurate cell counting is essential to most experiments, Bertin Instruments launches a new app for its InCellis cell imager: Total Cell Counting. Thank to this app, the user can obtain an absolute total cell count, thus enabling him to estimate the total number of cells in the chosen vessel. The app generates detailed […]


New civilian version for FusionSight

05 Oct 2017

Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the release of a civilian version for FusionSight. Based on the military digital night & day vision device, FusionSight’s civilian version displays the same state-of-the-art characteristics (with thermal and fusion channels displaying at 9Hz) and a brand new design. Specially conceived for security needs in land and at sea, […]


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