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    Vision in land vehicle

    Situational awareness and driver vision enhancement using Perisight system

    Sources: DGA and STAT, France


    During latest armed conflicts, light and armored military vehicles  were  often targeted. These attacks stood as the first cause in casualties. Military vehicles’ on-board crews require systems that help in improving their safety. These systems must provide useful information on the environment, either for Situational Awareness (SA) or for Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE), by day and at night. Anytime, crews have to be able to know what is going on outside their vehicle, without having to expose themselves by going out.

    Besides, such systems must be easy to integrate into existing vehicles, and without affecting their integrity.


    PeriSight, was assessed by the French DGA and STAT, for the SA and the DVE of a VB2L (light-armored vehicle).

    Two configurations were tested:

    • Centralized: one Fisheye and two WFOV PeriSight modules
    • Distributed: six WFOV PeriSight modules

    Each configuration also included:

    • One VigiSight which embedded additional features (digital stabilization, automatic detection and tracking) and processed video before sending it for display.
    • Two tactile screens with HMI to control the system; one for the driver and one for the commander.


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