Bertin launches a new efficient technology to obtain emulsions for procedures such as:
– monoclonal & polyclonal antibody production
– preparation of emulsions with Freund’s Adjuvant + Antigens
– pre-clinical animal models for research & in industry
– DTH experiments (Delayed Time Hypersensitivity).

The Precellys Emulsion Kit replaces less secure and more tedious methods, such as vortex or the co-called “2-syringes method”, which can lead to reproducibility problems or introduce possible bias in the protocols.

With the Precellys Emulsion Kit, the antigen emulsion with its adjuvant is easily generated in a specific tube using the Minilys homogenizer. Using this tube allows to generate from 2 to 8mL of emulsion that can then be transferred for the final injection without any risk of accidental exposure or alteration.

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