With more than 300 publications referring to Precellys, this equipment is recognized in the scientific world as reference for optimal molecules’ extraction, in compliance with the increasingly used identification techniques. Numerous studies quote Precellys’ product range, demonstrating not only its efficiency for laboratory tasks but also its added-value for accurate researches. For example, the 7mL Lysing kit is often quoted in studies that operate with larger samples while getting an high yield extraction.

Discover 3 recent publications highlighting the added-value of the 7ml Precellys lysing kit:

Pharmalogical characterisation of a tool αvβ1 integrin small molecule RGD-mimetic inhibitor

A.Wilkinson, R. Slack, J.W. Barrett

Available online: October 30th 2018

Pck-ing up steam: Widening the salmonid gluconeogenic gene duplication trail

L.Marandel, D.J.Kostyniuk, C.Best, J.L.I.Forbes, J.Liu, S.Panserat, J.A.Mennigen

Available online: March 5th 2019

Measurement of lidocaine and 2,6-dimethylaniline in minipig plasma, skin, and dermal tapes using UHPLC with electrospray MS/MS 

Li, T. Magers, B. King, B.J. Engel, R. Bakhtiar, C. Green, R. Shoup

Available online: April 18th 2018


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