Precellys Evolution is now capable to handle 96 well-plate (300µL per well). New accessories were recently released in order to importantly increase the throughput of our state of the art sample preparation equipment. In order to offer the best experience and really decrease the time of preparation, new pre-filled breakable 96 well-plates are also available.

The quantity of sample to process being more and more significant, in some cases processing 24 samples at once can be not sufficient anymore. In addition to the new capability to process 96 samples at once with the Precellys Evolution,  we really wanted to ensure the best efficiency of grinding and disruption for this new format. The wells are placed all around the tube holder to provide to each well the same speed and the same level of energy. Thanks to this optimized positioning of the wells, we can ensure the same reproducibility we can obtain with the other volume of tubes as 0.5mL, 2mL, 7mL and 15mL.


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