Protein analysis is a crucial step in many research projects. The techniques linked to this field are evolving relatively fast and require high quality samples because the analysis’ sensitivity provided by modern equipment is constantly getting more precise.

Therefore, extracting proteins in the best conditions and ensuring their original state preservation is essential. During the extraction process, proteins are exposed to many threats that can degrade them before, during and after the homogenization. Protease activity and heat are the most significant dangers and thus require special attention.

The Precellys range now provides a complete solution to circumvent these threats and to preserve proteins at any time during the extraction process. Heat elevation is controlled during the homogenization thanks to the high-end cooling system Cryolys Evolution. In addition to this, the new Protein Safe Precellys Lysing kits prevent proteases from degrading proteins of interest, guaranteeing their protection throughout the homogenization.

With Precellys, be confident during your experiments.

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