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Coriolis Consumables

A full range of dedicated consumables to ensure optimal collection efficiency for the Coriolis Air Sampler.

Coriolis consumables are part of the cyclonic technology:

The separation of particles suspended in the air stream is due to the air flow, the geometry of the air inlet, the design of the cones and, for the Coriolis µ, the collection fluid.

– We design specific cones & caps dedicated to the use of Coriolis µ or Coriolis Compact. They are available in sterile or non-sterile versions to meet your needs.
– You can have access to standard doses of collection liquid (low concentration surfactant) compatible with all types of microorganisms.

– There are specific LTM consumables for Coriolis µ: Collection liquid in a bottle and tubing kit that allow you to collect up to 6 hours.
– Depending on your environment, Bertin offers different types of air intakes for the Coriolis µ
Standard air intake: Air intake compatible with all Coriolis for a classic sampling (Environment, Industrial, R&D, etc.).
LTM Air intake: Dedicated to long term sampling (only compatible with the LTM platform).
25 mm connection: designed to allow the attachment of a tube (test chamber, confined space, etc.).

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Coriolis Consumables

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Coriolis µ


S001107-CORM0-A.0 Cones  – (by 10)
S001108-CORM0-A.0 Cones   + liquid doses – (by 10)
S001111-CORM0-A.0 Cones  – (by 50) Minimum order of x3 packs
S001109-CORM0-A.0 Sterile cones – (by 5)
S001110-CORM0-A.0 Sterile cones  – liquid doses – (by 5)


Sterile cones  – (by 50) Minimum order of x3 packs
Coriolis Compact




Cones* & air intake  – (by 10)
S002345-CORC0-A.0 Sterile cones* & air intake  – (by 10)
S001113-CORM0-A.0 Collection liquid doses sterile- (by 50)
S001114-CORM0-A.0 Collection liquid in bottle – 250 ml
S001115-CORM0-A.0 Tubing kit
S001084-CORM0-A.0 Air intake and screw
S001103-CORM0-A.0 Air intake and screw for long time monitoring option
S001104-CORM0-A.0 Air intake and screw with 25mm connection
Coriolis µ




S001093-CORM0-A.0 Battery NiMH
C29200000019A.0 Battery NiMH charger


Power supply
Coriolis Compact


S002399-CORC0-A.0 Charger UK
S002392-CORC0-A.0 Charger US
S002393-CORC0-A.0 Charger EU
S002284-CORC0-A.0 Shoulder straps & clips

Reasons to choose Coriolis Consumables

Dedicated cones to perform high efficiency collection

Adaptor to connect to any 25 mm diameter connector

Easy set up with calibrated 15 ml collection liquid dose

Liquid collection compatible with any downstream experiment

Cones available sterile and non-sterile


Coriolis µ is a portable air sampler for air quality control and air quality monitoring in environmental and pollution research, the pharmaceutical, food and veterinary industries, in biomedical and health environments

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