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Coriolis Compact air sampler

The Coriolis Compact is a dry Cyclonic air sampler able to operate up to 8 hours straight and compatible with multiple downstream analysis (NGS, qPCR, Culture).

The Coriolis Compact portable biological air sampler monitors indoor or outdoor air quality. Light, compact and ergonomic, it is the ultimate all-terrain microbiological air sampler. Its cyclonic technology collects biological particles. It is compatible with the most common micro-organism analysis methods, and measures indoor and outdoor air quality quickly and efficiently.

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Coriolis Compact air sampler

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Coriolis Compact biological air sampler: The principle

Using dry cyclone technology, the Coriolis Compact biological air sampler quickly concentrates samples of viruses and other particles (bacteria, mold, spores, pollen, etc.) in a large enough quantity to analyze micro-organisms.

Once the collection cone is attached to the biological air sampler, the suction generated by Coriolis Compact creates a high flow air suction vortex (50L/h). Airborne particles measuring 500 nm to 10 µm are centrifuged dry and collected on the inner walls of the collection cone.

A suitable buffer is then used to resuspend the particles. To preserve the integrity of the nucleic acids in the sample, a solution such as Trizol™ can be added directly to the collection cone immediately after the sample collection.

The reconstituted fluid sample is compatible with the most commonly used and the most rapid micro-organism analysis methods such as PCR, immunoanalysis (ELISA, etc.), or even flow cytometry.

Coriolis Compact for the analysis of indoor and outdoor micro-organisms

The Coriolis Compact portable air sampler weighs only 1.2 kg and has a long battery life (up to 8h). Its small size makes it easy to transport and it is the ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring. Its scope of application is very broad: Biocontamination of medical or health environments, virological sampling, biological risk control, environmental pollution control, etc. This microbiological air sampler range meets the requirements of air monitoring even when microbiological contamination is low.

Temperature range

  •  +5°C to +45°C with a moisture content of 10% to 90%.


  • 255 x 135 x 130 mm


  • 1,2 kg

Flow rate

  • 50L/min

Size of collected particles

  • 500 nm to 10 μm

Type of particles collected

  • bacteria, viruses, molds…


  • 8 hours of operation


  • Dry collection



Mobile and easy to use, the Coriolis Compact is suitable for indoor and outdoor sampling.

Thanks to an improved battery life, it can perform up to 8 hours of continuous sampling. The sampling cycles are programmable.

Since the sample is collected by dry cyclone technology, it can be easily recovered with any appropriate buffer to perform the analysis. The resulting sample is compatible with multiple downstream analyses such as culture, PCR, qPCR or NGS, providing highly sensitive and specific results in just a few hours. Bertin provides single-use consumables to avoid cross-contamination.

1. The sterile cone is placed on the device and locked.
2. The aspirated air flows into the cone.
3. Particles contained in the air are retained in the wall of the cone.
4. The collected particles are recovered by adding liquid to the cone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the Coriolis Compact?
  • Are the samples collected with the Coriolis Compact suitable for analysis with different molecular biology techniques?
  • Is it possible to use other collection cones with the Coriolis Compact?
  • How do I decontaminate my Coriolis Compact after sampling?


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Virus collection & detection

One of the main challenges of virus monitoring in the air is obtaining adequately concentrated samples. With its dry sampling technology, the Coriolis Compact is a perfect instrument to detect viruses in the air. Indeed, after each collection, users can choose the volume of solution in which they wish to resuspend their sample. Additionally, solutions that can preserve the nucleic acids present in the sample can also be taken advantage of. For example, in the case of RNA viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, users have the option to immediately resuspend their sample in Trizol to protect RNA against degradation.


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Military & civilian applications

Military and civilian populations can be exposed to highly dangerous nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical (CBRN) agents. Early identification of CBRN threats allows for effective measures (medical measures, decontamination…) to be taken to limit damage. To identify threats, sampling must be performed rapidly near the point of release. Sampling devices must therefore be easily usable in the field by non-experts, such as military personnel or firefighters, who wear personal protective equipment.

Lightweight and portable, Coriolis Compact can easily be handled with CBRN personal protective equipment, and can be moved and positioned at strategic locations for indoor and outdoor sampling.
Robust and compact, the air sampler is therefore perfectly suited to the operational needs of armed forces and civil security organizations in the event of biological threats.
The collected particles can then be analyzed to ensure detection and identification of CBRN threats. Coriolis air samplers are the first players in the detection chain providing CBRN detection and identification equipment with well-concentrated biological agent samples.

Reasons to choose Coriolis Compact air sampler

Long time battery autonomy

Indoor/outdoor sampling

Équipements compact et mobile

Easy to use & set up

Compatible with multiple downstream analysis


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