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    Assay Kits

    Most laboratories are familiar with ELISA kits, but developing a kit takes time. Bertin Bioreagent provides ready to use and validated assay kits, for more than 30 years.

    Bertin Bioreagent offers a large range of assay kits from ELISA to enzymatic activity kits, validated for their precision, accuracy and specificity.

    Bioreagent and bioanalytical tools are ready to use and contain all reagents, including quality controls. Bertin’s assay kits target biomarkers in research areas such as metabolic syndrome, pain, oxydative stress… To fit customer’s needs, Bertin Bioreagent’s kits can be customized for medium throughput screenings or for a new sample type.
    Bertin’s scientific team can also develop new assay kits for a new biomarker or multiplex several targets in a one kit.

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    Reasons to chooseAssay Kits

    Kits supplied with ready to use components

    – including quality control

    Extensively validated by Bertin's scientific team and researchers in the literature

    AchE technology providing:

    – High sensitivity
    – Wide dynamic range of quantification
    – Rapid color development
    – The possibility to redevelop the assay


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