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    InCellis all-in-one cell imager, developped to supply high quality images of your cell cultures or tissue slides, in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence


    InCellis is an all-in-one solution providing accurate results for cell culture such as transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency directly on the bench.

    Cell biologists need to generate cell images in living conditions with a high level of sensitivity to detect fluorescent labeling before working on high end complex microscopy platform.

    The new InCellis cell imager provides publication-quality images of cell culture, including multi fluorescent cell labelling, and allows the calculation of cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency directly on the bench.
    Based on cutting edge camera technology , efficient LED illumination and easy-to-use software, InCellis will supply high level of performances in a minute.

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    Watch InCellis in action, the new generation of cell imager!

    • Publication quality images in 2 clicks
    • High Flexibility to work on any type of sample
    • True color images of cell culture and tissue slides
    • High sensitivity in fluorescent signals detection

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    Reasons to choose Incellis

    Best sensitive Cell imager in fluorescent to detect signals of all current dyes

    In a minute, on the bench, all images can be processed with the embedded apps

    Smart interface to save and share your results

    High level technical features to generate publication quality image: LL Colour CMOS sensor, 4 fluorescent channels, 6 positions objective turret, etc.

    A worldwide distribution network to support you anywhere you are

    Light source

    Interchangeable InCellis Fluorescent Light Modules with Adjustable-intensity LED (>50,000-hour life per light cube)


    Contrast methods

    Epifluorescence and transmitted light (brightfield and phase contrast)


    Objective turret

    6-positions, front wheel control


    Fluorescence channels

    Motorized 4 fluorescent channels, software controlled, see below fluorescent light module available



    Includes 4 positions, with bright-field and phase-contrast annuli



    Mechanical stage with X-Y axis fine-positioning controls, Z axis fine and coarse adjustments


    LCD display

    17” high-resolution touch screen (1280×1024 pixels) with adjustable tilt ( waterproof, IP25 requirement)



    Low Light color CMOS Sensor, 1280×1024 pixels


    Exported formats

    24-bit color TIFF or JPEG, BMP (1,280 x 960 pixels), AVI


    Output ports

    3 USB ports


    InCellis Applications

    Transfection efficiency, Cell culture confluency, multi-color fluorecent image overlay


    Power supply

    AC/DC 100-240 V, 100 W, 12 V, 8.33 A


    Operating Power

    100-240 V, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz


    Operating environnement

    5-40°C, 20-95%



    Height: 635 mm – Depth: 420 mm – Width: 420 mm



    24 kg


    • High sensitivity  in fluorescence with our unique low light colour camera
    • Embedded dedicated cell culture applications to determine accurate cell culture confluency and transfection efficiency
    • Smart interface to save time and share your results
    • High flexibility: 6 positions objective turret and 4 fluorescent channels
    • Large field of view due to our unique optical design

    InCellis cell imager includes:

    • a unique high sensitive color CMOS camera, based on Kameleon technology (powered by Photonis) to detect low intensity fluorescent signals in living cells and generate true color images when you are working on stained tissue slide or cell culture in bright field or phase contrast
    • a unique design of led cubes and proven quality objective lenses to display high quality crispy images
    • up to 4 fluorescent channels and 6 different objectives
    • an intuitive software to easily image your sample and calculate transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency and cell number

    Fluorescent Light Modules

    • InCellis Blue F.L.M.
    • InCellis GFP F.L.M.
    • InCellis RFP F.L.M.
    • InCellis Texas F.L.M.
    • InCellis CY5 F.L.M.


    • Cell culture 4x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Cell culture 10x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Cell culture 20x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Cell culture 40x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Cell culture 60x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Tissue Slide culture 4x LWD Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Tissue Slide 10x coverslip Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Tissue Slide 20x coverslip Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Tissue Slide 40x coverslip Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • Tissue Slide 60x coverslip Br/Ph/Fl objective
    • High Perfornance 20x LWD Br/Fl objective
    • High Perfornance 40x LWD Br/Fl objective
    • High Perfornance 60x LWD Br/Fl objective
    • High Perfornance 60x Oil coverslip Br/Fl objective

    Vessel holders

    • Universal vessel holder
    • T75 flask 75 cm² holder
    • T25 flask 25 cm² holder
    • Two 25×75 mm standard microscope slides holder
    • Four 35 mm Petri dishes holder
    • One 100 mm Petri dishes holder

    Expert advice

    Sophie Dubacq

    Application & Product specialist

    "To have consistent result with the Cell Confluence application take two images at 10X magnification and 4 at 20X magnification"


    "…InCellis® gives us the exact moment to start our cell line assays with the best quality of image …"

    Delphine Muriaux

    Research Institute in Infectiology of Montpellier France


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