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Coriolis RECON

Coriolis RECON is a portable, light and ruggedized bio-air sampler for biological warfare agents collection for military or first responder operation.

The Coriolis RECON is a portable, light and ruggedized bio-air sampler for biological warfare agents detection, dedicated to CBRN teams or first responders, with quick deployment in the event of a suspected biological attack.

The Coriolis RECON has been designed to collect large concentrations of aerosols in the breathable range of 0.5 to 10 µm with an air flow rate at 600L/min, thus being more representative of the environment than traditional bio-aerosol samplers. Thanks to its ability to collect bio-aerosol particles into liquid format, this system can be used with rapid identification techniques for biological agents (immunoassay, PCR, etc.) to provide an early warning of aerosolized biological warfare agents.


Coriolis RECON for biological contamination control:

– Collect and concentrate Biological Warfare Agents in liquid – Liquid output offers compatibility with all types of analysis – Portable, easy-to-deploy and to set-up

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  • 10 kg

Collection time:

  • 5 – 10 – 15 min

Collection time with option:

  • Up to 6 hours with the long time collection external module option


  • Cyclonic technology

Air flow rate:

  • 600 L/min (fixed)

Selectively collected particles size range:

  • 0.5 microm – 10 microm

Liquid sample:

  • 20 +/- 5 ml

Liquid injection:

  • Automatic

External communication:

  • RS232

Battery autonomy:

  • 1 hour (collection time)


  • Yes – IP54


  • 4320 14 566 3213

Catalogue number:

  • P000001-CORR0-A

Monitor the risk:

  • Monitor the risk: to implement counteract measures in the event of bacteriological threats or terrorist attacks

Rapid detection of biothreat agents thanks to a high air flow rate:

  • Captures and concentrates all airborne pathogens in liquid samples compatible with all types of analysis


  • Long time monitoring option which allows up to 6 hours sampling

Quick deployment:

  • Less than 5 minutes from shipment case to start and usable with IPE protection (MIL-STD 1472 compliance)

Design for use in military/first responders context:

  • Ruggedized for harsh environments (STANAG 4370 compliance military shipment)

The Coriolis RECON is based on an innovative and patented technology. The principle is simple with strong physical validation: transfer the airborne particles into a liquid sample. This liquid sample output allows users to collect and overcome the limits of the military context, particularly since Coriolis technology differentiates in relation to three main parameters:

  • high air flow rate to collect efficiently even very low diameter particles such as biological warfare agents – 600 L/min
  • long time collection to monitor an area for several hours for biosurveillance – up to 6 hours
  • compatibility with any analysis method for rapid detection Process: 1- Sterile cone which will be filled continually 2- Air is aspirated and drawn into the cone forming a vortex 3- Particles are centrifuged into the wall of the cone and separated from air 4- Contaminants in the liquid sample are ready for analysis

Long time monitoring option: The long time monitoring option allows users to maintain the collection liquid volume at a constant rate over the entire sampling period.

Air sampling can be done over an extended period of time (from 1 minute to 6 hours of collection) to assess biological contamination.

This option converts the air sampler Coriolis into air monitoring equipment that provides new investigation possibilities for the bio-surveillance of risk areas, a critical event or in combination with a warning system.

Reasons to choose Coriolis RECON

The most efficient concentration of biological warfare agents

High Air Flow Rate

Compatible with any downstream experiment for rapid identification

Bio surveillance with Long Time Monitoring - Up to 6 hours

Quick deployment in a military/first responder context

Expert advice

Sophie Dubacq

Application and Product Specialist

"Easy to deploy and with a simple interface, the Coriolis RECON is the best option to do air sampling on operations. "


We use the Coriolis as part of the research microorganisms in the environment with very low level but very high risk. This is, for us, the only Air Sampler that allows both to maintain the integrity of the microorganism that is to be analyzed by culture, but allows immediate methods (microscopy) or fast as fluorescence, PCR , DNA etc.

Michel Thibaudon


Coriolis allows a straightforward intervention between field and bench work when applying molecular tools to target specific fungal species or strains in environmental air samples.

Carla Viegas

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon


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