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    Skydose dosimetry system for team operating in high exposure areas


    SkyDose is an operational dosimetry system designed for real-time monitoring of doses absorbed by a response team working in high-exposure areas.

    SkyDose teledosimeter system is designed to monitor in real-time the doses of a team operating on an area with high exposure. This system aims to improve intervention conditions and decrease the risks and exposure, in accordance with the ALARA principle.

    Only few minutes are needed to deploy the SkyDose system to a 8 people team on-the-field and follow-up thanks to industrial terminal type monitoring modules. The whole team can be managed from a monitoring PDA.
    Several teams can operate with Skydose at the same time. New systems can be easily and quickly deployed inside as well as outside of the facilities, without any specific training (automatic network synchronisation).

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    Reasons to choose Skydose

    Easy and quick setting even by non specialised staff

    Automatic network synchronisation

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use including reactor building

    Suitable for emergency situation (sturdy – high dose and dose rate range)

    Real time hot spots detection to reduce the mission dose received by the workers

    Dose measurement range

    • Dosimetric performance similar to Saphydose Gamma i electronic dosimeter

    Dose rate measurement range

    • X and Gamma

    Energy range

    • 2 energy-compensated silicon diodes


    • From 1 µSv to 9 999,9 mSv

    Local monitoring module

    • From 0,5 µSv/h to 5 Sv/h

    Battery lifetime when operating

    • From 50 keV to 7 MeV

    Radio range

    • Sound and visual


    Battery lifetime when operating

    • > 8 hours

    Radio range

    150 m

    RT-ZB90 router

    Battery lifetime when operating

    • > 90 days

    Radio range

    • 300 m

    Compliant with the use in nuclear facilities

    • Skydose complies with the IEC 61526 standard for measurement of personal dose equivalents

    Low maintenance costs

    • The Saphydose units used in Skydose system have a very long battery autonomy: more than 4 years with 2 AA batteries

    Adapted to all situations

    • Skydose can be installed in only few minutes. A whole system can be safely stored in a convenient aluminium case


    • It provides a real-time, remote and simultaneous monitoring of the dosimeters, so the team can react immediately in case of emergency

    A skydose system consists in 1 or several teams including 1 supevisor terminal monitoring 1 to 8 teledosimeters, and using a 2,4 GHz zigBee network. The mesh-structure network, flexible but sturdy, can reliably cover a whole building (such as a nuclear facility) by using dedicated routers.

    The teledosimeter unit is a radio version of the well-known Saphydose Gamma i, using the same reliable dual silicon diode for measuring X and Gamma rays, and having a measurement range of dose equivalent from 1 µSv to 9 999.9 mSv.

    It has a robust aluminium housing, tested at 10 shocks per side onto steel and 10 cm height of drop. It has also a very high immunity against electronic interference, with a 30A/m at 50Hz magentic fiels immunity.


    • Multifunctional reader for Saphydose Gamma i operational dosimeter / teledosimeter


    • Dosimetry management software

    Easydose setting software and Saphyr Dosimeter reader


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