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    DataEXPERT online modules overview

    DataEXPERT DataManagement

    DataEXPERT management is a software package for real time data acquisition, visualization, analyzing and reporting. The system also allows web based data access (WebView).

    DataEXPERT is a professional database and software package (Webview, ShortLINK / SkyLINK) for environmental monitoring and analysis.

    It can be used for data collection and administration as well as for the graphic presentation and documentation of selected measurement series. All the parameters can be presented in separate windows or together in one diagram (overlay).

    Convenient zoom functions and mathematical routines for the professional analysis of data are included in the system, as well as extensive import and export/output options. The data are stored in an integrated database. The system is operable under all current WINDOWS versions.

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    Reasons to choose DataEXPERT DataManagement

    Data collection, processing, visualizing and alarming in real-time

    Managing data from Saphymo devices and other brands

    For handling big monitoring networks

    Real-time data acqisition :

    • Managing data from Saphymo devices and other brands

    Compatible with :

    • MS Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

    Alarming :

    • In real-time

    Data management :

    • Single probes and extensive networks

    Features: :

    • Customized reports, export  to MS Excel or ASCII

    Basic functions :

    • Graphically displaying data series of any measurement parameter even from different instruments in overlay or as separate charts as well as in table view

    Expert functions :

    • Statistical evaluation, zooming in/out, combining charts and performing mathematical operations like smooth, buildup/decay time conversion etc

    Modules :

    • MapVIEW, Online, Alarm, Report

    Options :

    • GIS based visualization, WebVIEW, customized reports

    WebVIEW :

    • Web based visualizing and analyzing module for DataEXPERT central data management system

    Compatible with :

    • MS IE10, Firefox, Chrome

    Data transmission :

    • Secure transmission (https), easy local or remote access to stored data is possible without need for software installation

    DataEXPERT consists of a convenient Windows/PC software package with powerful tools which enables the user to:

    • Collect automatically data from different measurement stations
    • Check for alarm conditions
    • Store all measurement data in the MS SQL database
    • Select data from different instruments or measurement series from the database and display them in one or more windows
    • Perform powerful zooming, visualizing and mathematical and report functions
    • Present the data and actual status of stations on map, optionally automatic positioning on GIS maps are available
    • Export data easily to Excel

    DataEXPERT operable under Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 offers additional modules:

    • The ONLINE Module continuously processes all measurement protocols from cable or radio linked instruments or systems and imports the data into the data base
    • MapVIEW permanently accesses the data base and serves for site-related presentation of the latest measurement values (measurement points)
    • In combination with the ALARM Module MapVIEW visualizes events and alarms and provides information of the status as well as on the findings of functional and quality checks of the complete network system
    • For geographically related presentation of measurement data also in real time the GeoMAP/TRACE module is available which even allows to trace moving instruments during operation
    • Option for remote access via internet -> WebVIEW
    • WebVIEW
    • DataVIEW
    • Business Notebook
    • Business Server


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