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    SA – Air Monitoring station

    The SA environmental monitor is used for continuous measurement of aerosol activities in all gaseous effluents. It can be fully integrated into environmental radiation monitoring systems.

    The SA air monitoring station is designed to complete gamma radiation monitoring systems in environment networks, where continuous monitoring of the particulate with nuclide identification is required.

    It combines β & γ aerosol activites and spectrum measurement within the environment. The station aimed at monitoring outdoor particulate activities as part of a national or regional environment network, around nuclear facilities and nuclear sites.

    The SA sation is existing in 2 versions:

    • The SA 200 version is equipped with a strong pump system allowing a high air flow rate for very accurate measurements.
    • The SA 210 version is designed for situations requiring autonomous monitoring autonomous from main supply. It has a low power pump incl. battery pack modules, and performing a lower flow rate.

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    SA – Air Monitoring station

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    Radiation type:

    • Beta and gamma

    Detector type beta:

    • 2.000 mm2 large sensitive silicon diode for beta activity

    Detector type gamma:

    • High resolution and very sensitive 1,5 x 1,5” LaBr3(Ce) detector (2.9% for Cs137)

    Energy range:

    • Beta: 80 keV to 3 MeV
    • Gamma: 50 keV to 2 MeV

    Sampling volume:

    • SA200: 17 m³/h
    • SA210: 3 m³/h

    Filter paper roll:

    • Millipore

    Temperature range:

    • From –30 °C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F)


    • Automatic ambient gamma background compensation and Radon progenies

    Alarms / Display:

    • No display and no locla alarm signaling : connection via Ethernet to an external PC or supervision


    • Database on local embedded computer

    Data format:

    • xml (N42.42 format) files sent to FTP server or direct access to database


    • Embedded PC connection (Ethernet)

    Communication options:

    • Wireless router (GPRS, GSM, Radio, Satellite) for data transfer to a centralization system

    Compliance with CEM norms:

    • EMI emission: EN 61000-6-4
    • EMI immunity: EN 61000-6-2


    • SA200 / 210 -NG :  Noble gas volumetric activity and gamma dose rate (with additional SpectroTRACER 1,5 x 1,5” LaBr3)


    • Snow protection and pipe connection
    • Combined aerosol activity and spectrum measurement
    • Dynamic compensations of gamma background and natural radon progenies
    • Redundant communication systems available
    • Calculation of activity in Bq/m² or Bq/m³ for nuclides indentification
    • Low power consumption version (SA210) for emergency systems
    • The SA air monitoring station is used for continuous measurement in all gaseous effluents of particulate volumetric activity.
    • The sample is pulled by means of a pumping unit (3m³/h or 17m³/h flow rate according to versions) and then transferred to a detection assembly.
    • The monitor, based on an embedded low power industrial computer, calculates the measured volumetric activity and triggers alarms whenever preset threshold levels are exceeded.
    • A SpectroTRACER probe can be optionally placed on the top of the monitor to allow both gamma dose rate and measurements and noble gas monitoring.

    For SA200 version:

    • SA 200: beta and gamma particulate
    • SA200-NG: beta and gamma, noble gas volumetric activity and gamma dose rate (with additional SpectroTRACER NaI(Tl))
    • Optional heating and ventilation kit
    • Sampling line extension

    For SA210 version:

    • SA 210: beta and gamma particulate activity
    • SA 210-I: beta and gamma particulate activity (with specific charcoal filter)
    • SA210-ING: beta and gamma particulate, noble gas volumetric activity and γ dose rate (with additional SpectroTRACER NaI(Tl) and specific filter)

    Reasons to chooseSA – Air Monitoring station

    Gamma background and Radon / Thoron discrimination

    Combined aerosol activities and spectrum measurement

    High reolution and very sensitive

    4 days battery backup (SA210 version)

    Redundant data transmission possible, for example GSM and satellite


    Bertin Instruments offers a broad range of sensors and turnkey network solutions for all tasks related to the monitoring of radiation in the environment including gamma dose rate measurement, spectroscopic analysis and air monitoring.
    Probes and stations have been developed and optimized thanks to Saphymo’s expertise to provide customers with state-of-the-art instrumentation for ring monitoring around nuclear facilities, area monitoring, nationwide early warning systems and mobile & quick deployment solutions.


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