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PeriSight – Night vision enhancer

PeriSight is a network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels – colour low light and thermal.

PeriSight is a network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels: color low light, thermal.

Available with different fields of view and dispersed all over the vehicle to reduce vulnerability, PeriSight modules provide night and day 360° surveillance in short range to enhance land situation awareness and driver vision.

PeriSight is designed around three kinds of imaging sensor modules:

• PeriSight DVE module
• Perisight WFOV module
• PeriSight Fish-Eye module

Fully digital, PeriSight enables additional key features such as automatic detection, multiple users using the same camera video stream, and switching between color and thermal modes.

Watch PeriSight in action,
the best night & day vision enhancer for vehicle!

• 360° Land Situational Awareness (LSA)
• Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE)
• Multiple compact optronics modules
• Operational in extreme driving conditions
•  Ruggedized system, compliant with MIL-STD

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PeriSight – Night vision enhancer

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  • HFOV NIGHT: 180°
  • HFOV DAY: 180°
  • Day detection range: 515m* / 218m**
  • Night detection range: 240* / 125m**


  • HFOV NIGHT: 105°
  • HFOV DAY: 94°
  • Day detection range: 980m* / 537m**
  • Night detection range: 410m* / 233m**


  • HFOV NIGHT: 57.3°
  • HFOV DAY: 53.8°
  • Day detection range: 1700m* / 936m**
  • Night detection range: 750m* / 426m** * 2.3m x 2.3m Vehicle ** 0.5m x 1.75m Person


  • UC 8-12μm
  • 640×480@17μm


  • CMOS Low Light Color
  • 1280x1024p


  • < 20*17*21 cm


  • < 3kg


  • 25Hz – HD – Color

State-of-the-art vision technologies

  • All-in-one with three viewing modes – colour low light, thermal and smart fusion
  • Working night & day, detection up to 2 km
  • Includes an awarded colour low light sensor designed by Photonis

User comfort

  • Adapted FOV for extreme operational driving conditions
  • Multiple compact optronic modules

Valuable additional benefits

  • Image recording and HD video output for proof collection
  • Compact, modular, adapted to all kinds of military vehicles

Compact modular Optronics system in 4 steps:

1 – MODULES DEFINITION PeriSight imaging sensor modules include color low light and thermal sensors. Field Of Views are adapted on the application.

  • COLOUR LOW LIGHT: A state-of-the-art color imaging sensor provides a first image in extreme low light conditions (~10 mlx) without additional illumination.
  • THERMAL: A high-resolution thermal sensor detects people under all night conditions.

2 – VEHICLE POSITIONING EXPERTISE Bertin Instruments provides expertise in selecting modules according to user needs and vehicle type.   3 – DATA PROCESSING SOLUTION PeriSight modules are wired to a single electronic housing (VigiSight 65) for electronic stabilization, automatic detection and tracking.

4 – INTEGRATION SERVICES Bertin Instruments provides full integration services for the PeriSight system. Videos are displayed on a screen, which is also used to control and command PeriSight.

  • Fish-eye module
  • WFOV module
  • DVE module
  • Operator screen

Reasons to choose PeriSight – Night vision enhancer

All-in-one with three viewing modes

Colour low light, thermal and smart fusion

Night & day 360° surveillance in short range

Operational in extreme driving conditions

Adapted to any kind of vehicle or armored vehicles

Multiple compact optronic modules


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