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    FusionSight® is the world-first digital night and day vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection.

    FusionSight® is a lightweight Night & Day Vision Enhancer combining two viewing modes, based on colour low light and thermal cameras, to use separately or in smart fusion.

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    Especially adapted to the infantry chiefs and special forces requirements, this reliable handled device is efficient on the field during operations facing hidden and camouflaged enemies. Drastically enhancing the detection of threats and targets of interest, FusionSight® is also a key device for Police and Homeland Security during investigation missions for quick or long-term surveillance tasks. FusionSight® provides substantial support even under limited visibility conditions for search & rescue of missing persons and casualties under wreckage. Fully digital and designed for users, FusionSight® allows evidence pictures’ snapshots and live streaming on multiple interfaces, for team long-term operations.

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    When the night becomes your ally

    The first digital Night Vision Device providing smart fusion for target detection.

    FusionSight® is a lightweight Night & Day Vision Enhancer combining two viewing modes, based on colour low light and thermal cameras, to use separately or in smart fusion.

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    Reasons to choose FusionSight

    Full Digital, all-in-one device with 3 viewing modes - colour low light, thermal, smart fusion

    Night & day Detection, Recognition, identification, up to 3 km

    Image recording, HD video output, wireless up & down communication

    GPS & inertial Measuring unit (iMu) allowing accurate location

    Thermal sensor

    • UC (8-12μm)
    • 640 x 480 @17μm

    Visible sensor

    • CMOS low light colour
    • 1280 x 1024p


    • OLED Full HD
    • 1280 x 1024

    Night FOV

    • W: 32° / N: 8°

    Day FOV

    • W: 29° / N: 7.25°


    • 7 hours


    • 990 g

    Embedded sensors

    • Compass
    • 9-axes IMU and GPS

    Embedded functions

    • Image recording
    • Up & down wireless com

    Video output

    • 25Hz HD colour

    State-of-the-art vision technologies

    • Full digital
    • All in one with 3 viewing modes – colour low light, thermal and smart fusion
    • Working night & day, detection up to 3 km
    • User can magnify details thanks to x8 digital zoom
    • Includes an awarded colour low light sensor (powered by Photonis)

    Comfort of user

    • Ergonomic design inspired by users’ needs
    • Lightweight handled device (less than 1 kg)
    • Large autonomy (7 hours)

    Valuable side functions

    • Image recording and HD video output for proof collection
    • It comes with a GPS and a 9-axes Inertial Measurement Unit.

    FusionSight® is the industry’s first hand held device that features smart colour fusion of images. The first image is recorded by a state-of-the-art colour imaging sensor (powered by PHOTONIS) that provides a colour image in extreme low light conditions (~10 mlx) without additional illumination.

    The second image is recorded by a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor that can detect in any night condition (up to night 5). The embedded real-time image processor automatically selects key information from each sensor, allowing users to see at dark night even better than in broad daylight, and to record and to save images as digital files.

    The smart digital fusion also overcomes the traditional limitations of each individual sensor: FusionSight® can detect through smoke, other obscurants and in deep night conditions with a thermal sensor, while providing an optical colour low light image that allows to detect through windows with sufficient resolution for positive identification thanks to the colour imaging sensor.

    • Tripod
    • Cable kit
    • Adaptater for standard battery
    • Operator screen


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