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VigiSight – image processing

Module of automatic image processing for analogic or digital output video to be used in numerous military and civil market applications.

Particularly suited to the challenge of detecting threats or intrusions on “sensitive” sites, VigiSight ensures intelligent analysis of the situation and remote transmission of visual evidence.

VigiSight can also be used for the surveillance of public or industrial sites.

VigiSight makes it possible to equip any camera with analogical video (PAL/NTSC) or digital (IP) output with real-time processing functions, day or night.

The camera can be static, mobile or mounted onboard a vehicle, drone, robot or ship for a wide range of missions (surveillance of camp fences, harbor surroundings, blue and green borders, reconnaissance patrol vehicles, UAV or UGV, self-protection of vehicles and vessels with 360° vision).

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VigiSight OEM:

  • Application: OEM
  • IP: 00
  • Number of camera:  4 video IP SXGA
  • connecting: industrial connecting – 1 connector “video in” – 1 monitoring input DVI/VGA – 1 video output HDMI/PAL
  • Power Supply:  30 W
  • Voltage:  5V DC
  • Weight:  0.3 kg
  • Dimensions (mm):  115 x 95 x 90
  • Operating T°: -40°C to + 85°C

VigiSight 50:

  • Application: indoor
  • IP: 50
  • Number of camera: 1 video analog SVGA
  • connecting:  Military connecting – 1 connector “video in ” – 1 video PAL SVGA
  • Power Supply:  50 W
  • Voltage:  10 to 28V DC
  • Weight:  6.1 kg
  • Dimensions (mm):  205 x 380 x 90
  • Operating T°: -30°C to + 70°C

VigiSight 65:

  • Application: outdoor or vehicle
  • IP: 65
  • Number of camera: 4 video IP SXGA
  • connecting: Military Connecting – 1 connector “video in ” – 1 video output IP
  • Power Supply:  30 W
  • Voltage:  9 to 33V DC
  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 220 X 290 x 190
  • Operating T°: -32°C to + 65°C

VigiSight is compatible with any day or night camera. The system offers users key advantages:

  • detection and tracking of moving vehicles / person at a long distance
  • self-tuning to align with operating situations
  • highly intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • improved operator vigilance.

VigiSight makes it possible to equip any camera with analogical video (PAL/NTSC) or digital (IP) output with real-time processing functions, day or night. It comes with three models depending on the civil or military applications, and is equipped with intelligent alarming with virtual zones and barriers. Automatic detection of target and tracking is available with fixed or scanning cameras. VigiSight can detect up to 10 simultaneous objects.

Reasons to choose VigiSight – image processing

Night & day surveillance capability (24/7)

Detection distance from 10 m up to 9 km

Large Field of View (FOV) up to 360° for cameras equipped with a Pan&Tilt

Network deployment for surveillance of large zones


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