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    Radiological control for pedestrian (RCP)

    Radiation Portal Monitor for pedestrian access control

    RCP Radiation Portal Monitor allows the dynamic or static radiation monitoring of pedestrians walking in front of one or more detector/s.

    It works in dynamic and static mode, assuring the best performances. RCP can manage several volumes of PVT detectors for Gamma radiation control, but also neutron detectors as an option.RCP is completely automatic, self-sufficient and suitable for any harsh application indoor and/or outdoor.

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    Radiological control for pedestrian (RCP)


    Reasons to choose Radiological control for pedestrian (RCP)

    Large volume PVT detectors

    Fast response time for early decision

    Competitive cost of ownership

    Superior protection grade

    User friendly, fully automatic, easy to maintain

    Detector :

    • PVT (PoliVinyl Toluene) plastic scintillator, coupled to high diameter PMT with low noise electronic

    Volume :

    • 2,5 – 5 – 25 Liters

    Energy range :

    • from 30keV to 5MeV

    Response time :

    • <1sec

    Operative temperature range :

    • -20°C / +50°C

    Power supply :

    • 110Vac / 220Vac

    RCP is an easy to use portal monitor with high reliability.

    It allows an accurate detection of low level artificial and natural radioactive contamination and orphan sources. The design is optimized for pedestrian control at entry/exit of sensitive areas. Its integrated central unit can manage barrier, automatic door, remote alarm signalator, etc. Thousands RCP are operative worldwide, underlining its great detection capabilities, fast response time and reliable continuous operativity 24/7.

    RCP architecture offers several benefits as:

    • low cost of ownership
    • easy maintenance
    • wide automation and easy operation.

    Using large volume PVT plastic scintillator and high diameter PMT with low noise electronic, RCP ensures optimum detection sensitivity for Gamma rays with a fast response time. The counting rate is sampled each 100ms.

    Several options are available, according to customer needs: barrier and traffic light management, remote supervision, SMS event notification, etc.


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