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    SaphyGATE G

    SaphyGATE G is an easy-to-use Radiation Portal Monitor optimized for truck, train and cargo radiation control. It is based on large-surface, high-volume plastic detectors providing the highest sensitivity.

    Featuring sophisticated technologies and a modern design, SaphyGATE G is the new generation of Radiation Portal Monitors, the perfect solution for access control for several applications:

    • – scrap & waste radiation detection at scrap yard, steel mill, landfill, incinerator, hospital, etc;
    • – goods, cargo, container and baggage at border, harbor and airport;
    • – entry and exit at nuclear power plant, research center, etc.

    Our extensive experience and compliance with the highest quality standards are the guarantee of proven reliability in the field, making SaphyGATE G ideal for continuous operation in industrial environments and in harsher conditions.
    The intuitive software and user-friendly graphic interface provide operators with a fully automatic and self-sufficient solution. SaphyGATE G is based on two or more high volume plastic PVT scintillation detectors, associated with enhanced real-time Gamma energy distribution algorithms to ensure background suppression, optimized alarm thresholds and alarm classification (natural/artificial).

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    Reasons to choose SaphyGATE G

    New sophisticated adaptive algorithms with gamma energy analysis – background compensation

    Improved sensitivity with extremely rare false alarms

    Alarm classification

    Large surface & high volume PVT detectors

    User-friendly, fully automatic, easy-to-maintain and remote support.


    • Premium grade PVT (PoliVinyl Toluene) plastic scintillator, coupled with high-diameter PMT with low noise filter


    • standard 25L each detector – modular architecture

    Energy range:

    • from 30keV to 5MeV

    Sampling time:

    • 100ms

    Response time:

    • real-time enhanced algorithm with gamma energy distribution analysis


    • fully digital and modular system

    Operative temperature range:

    • -20°C / + 55°C

    Power supply:

    • 110Vac / 220Vac

    Real-time analysis of gamma energy:

    • Based on a digital multi-channel analyzer and a specific proprietary enhanced algorithm, SaphyGATE G analyses in real-time Gamma energy distribution during the passage of a vehicle, comparing it with the environmental background. This special feature compensates for the variation caused by the shielding effect due to the mass of the vehicle and its load.

    Sensitive monitoring:

    • The system is able to monitor each different type of vehicle and load, always ensuring the highest sensitivity and avoiding false alarms due to marked changes in the environmental background, uneven load, weather phenomena, etc.

    Alarm accurate classification for optimal emergency decision-making:

    • Moreover SaphyGATE G can classify the alarm as “Artificial”, “Industrial” and “Medical”, giving the operator an optimal advantage in events management.

    Connected system:

    • SaphyGATE can be easily integrated into a network, allowing system supervision, remote support, diagnosis and customer assistance.

    SaphyGATE G performs a comparison of the energy distribution sampled in background mode with the ones during the monitoring of a vehicle. The target consists of finding differences in the distribution.

    The shape of the spectrum is not modified by the attenuation of BKG, only the magnitude is modified. If a source is present, even weak activity, it causes a change in the spectrum shape/energies distribution.

    Spectral analysis permits rejection of the majority of false, rain and void alarms, prevalent in gross counting RPM, without reducing sensitivity.

    Several accessories are available for customizing SaphyGATE G to the specific needs of operators: remote supervision software, traffic light, barrier, camera, remote alarm signalator, SMS alarm notification, etc.


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