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    AlphaGUARD is a portable radon monitor with high sensitivity and outstanding accuracy. It is the reference instrument for professional radon monitoring.

    AlphaGUARD is a portable, battery or net-operated radon monitor with high storage capacity. In addition to the radon concentration in air, AlphaGUARD measures and records also simultaneously ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with integrated sensors. Thanks to its high sensitivity and long time stable calibration, it is the reference instrument for professional radon monitoring and accurate measurement on site.

    The complete product line provides all accessories for radon in air, water, soil, building materials, progeny, thoron and calibration equipment to perform air, water, soil, exhalation measurements. The collected data can be linked to the DataVIEW software, allowing data download and storage as well as professional data analysis and reporting. With AlphaGUARD, bring your Radon Lab everywhere.

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    Bringing radon lab everywhere

    AlphaGuard radon measurement solution

    This new version features a number of additional measurement modes and a whole set of new analytics functionalities enabling users to increase their scope of expertise.

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    Reasons to choose AlphaGUARD

    Reference instrument with high sensitivity

    Calibration stability guaranteed for 5 years

    High performance for versatile applications

    Maintenance-free operation


    • 0.62 L pulsed ionization chamber

    Mode of operation:

    • 3D alpha spectroscopy and current mode

    Measuring range:

    • 2 – 2 000 000 Bq/m³, (

    Instrument calibrator error:

    • 3%

    Sensitivity of detector:

    • 5 cpm at 100 Bq/m3, (5 cpm at 3 pCi/l)

    Detector filling system:

    •  Design optimized for fast passive diffusion :10/60 min and flow mode : 1/10 min & overhead cycling mode

    Storage capacity:

    • Up to 60 000 measurement points
    • ~ 400 days at 10 min measuring cycle
    • ~ 2 500 days at 60 min measuring cycle


    • 10 days (40 days with external battery)


    • 329 mm x 355 mm x 123 mm

    Weight (incl. Internal battery)

    • 6,2 kg (13,7 lbs)


    • Aluminium

    AlphaGUARD is suitable as reference device and offers the following features:

    • Quality on highest level
    • Long term stable calibration factor (guaranteed 5 years)
    • Calibration traceable to different national standards (PTB, NIST, NPL)
    • Inbuilt quality assurance system for permanent validation of system operation and data
    • Fast transient response
    • Automatic background correction
    • No sensitivity to high air humidity

    AlphaGUARD incorporates a pulse-counting ionization chamber (alpha spectroscopy).

    Through optimal geometry of the chamber and intelligent signal evaluation this radon monitor is suitable for continuous monitoring of radon concentrations between 2 – 2 000 000 Bq/m³.

    The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology provides highly effective differentiation ability between “real” radon data and all kinds of artefacts.

    • AquaKIT
    • Soil gas Probe
    • AlphaPM
    • AlphaPUMP / LabPUMP
    • Emanation / Calibration Container
    • Exhalation Box
    • On line Radon in water monitoring
    • Valve Selector
    • DataVIEW PRO software


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