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Precellys Evolution homogenizer

Precellys Evolution is the most advanced tissue homogenizer combining high efficiency and versatility for all sample preparation needs.

Watch Precellys Evolution – the most efficient and flexible homogenizer – in action!

Genclis SAS is a CRO mainly working on food samples. The aim of this application is to extract proteins recognized by IgE antibodies from allergic patients. The challenge is to extract protein with the best possible quality. The Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer extracts high quality proteins in large quantities from dry food samples. Moreover, the capacity to process 6 x 15mL tubes is a real advantage and saves time.

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Precellys Evolution homogenizer

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  • From 8 to 96 wells, 300µL
  • From 1 to 24 tubes, 2mL/0.5mL
  • From 1 to 12 tubes, 7mL
  • From 1 to 6 tubes, 15mL

Speed range:

  •  From 4,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm (increment by 100 rpm)

Locking system:

  • Automatic tubes locking system – patented


  • The software allows users to save an unlimited number of protocols

Number of cycles:

  • up to 10

Cycles time:

  • up to 90sec (increment by 1sec)


  • 60lb / 27kg


  • L: 378mm, W: 515mm, H: 400mm (632mm with open lid)

Power requirement:

  • 90 – 250VAC / 50-60 Hz Power: 1 kVA


  • Less than 70 dB


  • CE and CFR 47 part 15 certified

Catalogue number:

  • P000062-PEVO0-A

Efficiency on every sample:

  • Up to 10,000 rpm to process and standardize any sample preparation in seconds. Even the hardest samples such as hair, teeth and bones can be fully ground in a short period of time.

Easy handling:

  • The innovative and patented automatic tube locking system allows for easy handling of the Precellys Evolution without advanced training

Best life time:

  • The high quality manufacturing of the Precellys Evolution drastically reduces the need for maintenance and additional expenditure over the years – The Precellys Evolution is made in France

Adapted to any type of sample:

  • The high flexibility of the Precellys Evolution, which is capable of handling four sizes of tube (0.5, 2, 7 and 15 mL), makes it the perfect tool when processing samples of different sizes, weight or volume.

Protection for thermo-sensitive molecules:

  • The Precellys Evolution is compatible with the Cryolys cooling unit. This combination allows users to protect sensitive molecules when processing samples.


Precellys technology presents two main features:

1- The 8-figure 3D-motion (multi-directional) movement of the tubes. The same high level of energy given to the beads inside each tube ensures equal homogenization efficiency for all processed samples (up to 24 at once). Thanks to this complex movement, the Precellys Evolution can disrupt any type of sample (even the hardest) in seconds with perfect reproducibility while limiting heat generation.
2- The patented locking vacuum system of the tubes during the process. The Press’n block system saves time and energy. It makes it easier to handle equipment and secures the tubes before the grinding process.

7mL holder pack

7mL holder pack

This optional tube holder allows the use of up to 12 x 7mL tubes in the Precellys Evolution. It contains one tube holder and one blocking plate.
Cat. No.: S000911-PEVO0-A

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15mL holder pack

15mL holder pack

This option allows the use of up to 6 x 15mL tubes in the Precellys Evolution. It contains one tube holder and one blocking plate.
Cat. No.: S000810-PEVO0-A

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7mL rack Specific rack

7mL rack Specific rack

This option is used to handle 12 x 7mL tubes at once on the bench before or after use on the Precellys Evolution.
Cat. No.: S000748-PR480-A.0



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Centrifuge adaptor for 7mL tubes

Centrifuge adaptor for 7mL tubes

Specific centrifuge tube adaptor for 7mL Precellys tubes. Fits in the 50mL falcon position of centrifuges.
Cat. No.: S000749-PR480-A.0



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Tough micro-organism lysing VK05_Well-Plate

Tough micro-organism lysing VK05_Well-Plate

Includes 12 x 8 tube stripes with individual cap organized in a 96 well-plate format (96×250µL) and containing 0.5mm glass powder beads in each well. VK05 is designed for microorganisms homogenization: bacteria, yeast, etc. Sample size range : from 3 to 120µL
Cat. No.: P002136-LYSK0-A

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Soft tissue homogenizing CK14_Well-Plate

Soft tissue homogenizing CK14_Well-Plate

Includes 12 x 8 tube stripes with individual cap organized in a 96 well-plate format (96×250µL) and containing 1.4mm ceramic (zirconium oxide) beads in each well. CK14 is designed for tissue homogenization like: mouse/rat tails, plants and small pieces of organs like: brain, liver, kidney, ear, lung, heart, spleen, artery, Arabidopsis, leaves, tumor, intestine, adipose tissue and more. Sample size range: from 0.6mg to 12mg tissue or 3µL to 120µL buffer.
Cat. No.: P002137-LYSK0-A

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Many white papers available on the application center to help you in your daily research!

  • Marine sample preparation
  • DNA & RNA sample prepration
  • Neuroscience
  • Microorganisms sample preparation
  • Lipid extraction
  • Proteins sample preparation
  • Mouse tissue sample preparation for RNA extraction

Download the DNA & RNA sample prep’ whitepaper

And 130+ application notes, 320+ protocols to get an efficient sample preparation!

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Reasons to choose Precellys Evolution homogenizer

Expert advice


François d'Hubert

Application and Product specialist

""Check your sample's weight in order to choose the right volume of your lysing kit""

François d'Hubert

Application and Product specialist

"" Are you working with Proteins or RNA? Regulate the heat with the Cryolys cooling module which prevent heat degradation of the molecules""

François d'Hubert

Application and Product specialist

""With its tube holder easily changeable, Precellys Evolution is the perfect instruments to be shared, in a lab with different type of samples while looking for the best grinding protocols for each""


Application area: Analyze proteins in cell culture

"We are very happy with the equipment, we lyse cells, we lyse microbes, both to extract proteins and DNA to perform western blot, or sequencing. The lysis is very fast, and either protein or DNA is extracted with high quality. The results are reproducible."

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Paolo Guerra

Instituto Nacional de ICencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán

Rating: 5.0
Application Area: Tissue sample processing for metabolism studies

"Our lab purchased this homogenizer for metabolite extraction from animal tissue. We have been using it for a couple of years with no issue. It's a very powerful device that was able to crush any tissue sample that I have tried so far. It has a great deal of customization option to accommodate any type of sample as well."

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D. Mc Laughlin

NYU School of Medicine


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