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    Cell Imaging System

    InCellis is the new generation of cell imager. Its unique low light colour sensor allows the highest sensitivity in fluorescence. Embedded cell culture applications provide accurate and quick results.

    Cell imaging, in living conditions or on a tissue slide, is an important step for cell biologists prior to working on a high end complex microscopy platform.

    InCellis is a unique cell imager developed to generate publication-quality images of cells with a high level of sensitivity to detect fluorescent labelling or true color for visible staining.

    Multi-fluorescent cell labelling can be easily performed by all biologists on the bench without extensive training.

    This all-in-one solution also provides cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency in one minute. Cell biologists can easily choose the best sample to use for further analysis. InCellis cell imaging system includes a unique high sensitive CMOS colour sensor, a large touch screen and patented illumination technology to generate brightness and contrast for a high resolution image.

    InCellis cell imager is used to perform live cell imaging and allows to calculate the cell transfection efficiency or the cell confluence percentage without compromising the cell culture and the experiments.

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    Watch a video about InCellis, the new generation of cell imager

    Bertin Instruments is launching InCellis, a unique smart cell imaging system. Developed with Photonis technology inside, InCellis is able to directly generate publication-quality images of cells, on tissue slides or in cell culture, in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence.


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