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    Dose rate & survey meters

    Bertin Instruments provides a full range of professional equipment for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

    Thanks to Saphymo expertise, Bertin Instruments
    has a long experience in dose rate and survey meters
    product development for the nuclear industry
    and the first responders.

    Bertin’s dose rate and survey meters are handheld, user friendly and designed to be easily deployed everywhere at any time also by non-specialists. Battery operated with a large autonomy range, they are calibrated directly with the highest requirements.
    Bertin’s products are designed to improve workers’ safety in nuclear power plants control areas, reprocessing facilities, research centers and hospitals. They are also convenient for public bodies such as the police, fire brigades, first responders, health officers and radiation protection inspectors.

    Latest news

    Bertin wins a new contract for the maintenance of EDF’ health physics & radiation monitoring equipment

    19 Apr 2017

    Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, just announced the signature of a new contract with EDF covering the preventive and...

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