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Elemental analysis

Elemental Analysis allows to determine the atomic composition of a sample. Bertin Instruments proposes systems for on-line or lab applications by laser spectroscopy.

Bertin Instruments developed innovative systems dedicated to the analysis of solid and liquid samples without preparation. Based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), the system gets a very fast and accurate response for all elements in the periodic table, even the lightest (such as Li, Be and B), in a few seconds.

This technology uses the atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) of a plasma created by a laser pulse. The technique can analyze any type of material (polymers, metals, refractories, glass, rock, liquid, etc.) for process control, waste sorting or contaminant detection. It is useful for trace detection, matrix identification, element quantification or mapping of samples, down to ppm level.

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