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    Gas detection

    Explosive or toxic gases are a constant threat in industry as well as civil and military security. Second Sight is an innovative instrument to protect infrastructures and population throuht early warning.

    Bertin Instruments has initially developed the gas detection system Second Sight for early warning and real time visualization of suspicious clouds. This ruggedized instrument based on infrared (IR) gas cloud detector is dedicated to chemical area surveillance in open field and harsh conditions but have been also adapted to industrial safety.

    Explosive gas leaks are an immediate threat at refineries. Leaks may accumulate into dangerous clouds that can ignite when they reach a certain concentration. Current leak detection methods deploy point detectors at various locations in the refinery that measure specific chemicals. When a single explosive accident can cost billions, Bertin Instruments is offering, thanks to Second Sight equipment, a full scene coverage gas cloud tracking system that enhances the layer of safety.


    3D presentation of Second Sight gas detector

    The only standoff gas detector for real time surveillance and with source localization. It's the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (Chemical Warfare Agent, Toxic Industrial Compounds).


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