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Bertin Instruments offers a wide range of products dedicated to environmental radiation monitoring, access control, radon measurement, radioprotection, gas detection, optronic surveillance, biological sample preparation, air sampling and cell imaging.

Bertin Instruments develops and markets highly technological solutions addressing different markets:

– Second Sight standoff gas cloud camera for gas detection
– FusionSight & PeriSight night and day vision enhancers for optronic surveillance
– Coriolis microbial air samplers for air monitoring
– Precellys tissue homogenizers for sample preparation

Also, Bertin Intruments is providing a comprehensive range of solutions for radiation detection:

– Health physics devices
– Environmental radiation monitoring systems
– Radiation portal monitors
– Radon professional monitoring equipment

Latest news

Decree of June 30th 2021: AlphaE, a suitable solution for Radon risk assessment in specific workplaces

02 Sep 2021

On June 30th 2021, the French government published a decree on specific workplaces where devices for Radon continuous measurement are...



Coriolis Compact - dry cyclonic air sampler

The Coriolis Compact is a dry Cyclonic air sampler able to operate up to 8 hours straight and compatible with multiple downstream analysis (NGS, qPCR, Culture).


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