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    Radiation portal monitors

    Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

    Millions of radioactive sources are in use in the world, such as medical and industrial sources, irradiators, sterilization devices, etc.

    It’s crucial to prevent any hazardous loss of control, theft, illicit traffic and criminal usage. Our complete range of Radiation Portal Monitors, based on the strong expertise of the brand Saphymo,  grants the ideal solution for the detection of radiation, satisfying all the needs of the recycling, steel or scrap, homeland-security and nuclear operators. This range of portals is known as the best reliable radiation monitoring for access control of vehicles, containers, parcels or persons.

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    Bertin wins a new contract for the maintenance of EDF’ health physics & radiation monitoring equipment

    19 Apr 2017

    Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, just announced the signature of a new contract with EDF covering the preventive and...

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