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    Radon professional monitoring

    A complete range of products for Radon risk assessment, from personal exposure to reference radon measurements.

    There is a wide field of applications of Radon measurements from radon risk assessment to geological survey.

    Our dedicated range of products and accessories has been especially designed to fit these needs and to provide  accuracy in the following application fields:
    • Short and long-term monitoring of radon concentration indoor and outdoor, water and soil gas analysis
    • Radon surveillance and mitigation at workplaces (according to valid radiation protection regulations)
    • Geological survey, e.g. vulcano watching, earthquake surveillance

    AlphaGUARD products reputation is worldwide recognized, as a reference device for calibration for active and passive radon detectors.


    Discover the new AlphaGUARD, a reference device for radon measurement

    Bertin Instruments is launching a new generation of its AlphaGuard radon measurement solution. Developed with Saphymo’s expertise, the new AlphaGUARD is designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity in air, water, soil or material.


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