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    Monitoring Radon in homes & workplaces

    Saphymo’s Radon product range provides monitoring tools for mitigation, expertise missions, and personal exposure monitoring for Radon risk assessment.

    The radioactive gas Radon is a hazard occurring in many homes and workplaces. Its represents the second largest cause of lung cancer in the world.
    Underground workplaces such as basements, mines, caves and utility shafts can have significant levels of Radon as well as above-ground workplaces in Radon affected areas.

    All workplaces including factories, offices, shops, classrooms, nursing homes, residential care homes and health centres can be affected. While employees residing only in upper levels of buildings are unlikely exposed to significant Radon levels personnel in underground workplaces like cellars, basements and poorly ventilated ground floor rooms is far more affected. Part of Bertin Instruments’ nuclear instrumentation offer, the Saphymo’s products ranging from AphaGUARD and AlphaE provide monitoring tools for mitigation, expertise, missions and personal exposure monitoring equipment for Radon risk assessment.


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