AlphaE instrument have been supplied in a UK Mine for Radon risk assessment in underground workplace. The instrument is also used for Personnel radon monitoring under harsh conditions and high air humidity.
Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd, UK high-quality supplier of radiation protection services, supplied United Utilities with 8 AlphaE personal radon exposure meters as part of its radon monitoring strategy for the service reservoir cleaning and inspection teams. Radon measurement in underground environments using traditional passive detector can be a challenging exercise given that these locations are usually full of water, which makes the siting of passive detectors for short or long term average measurements impractical.
The AlphaE radon exposure meter is a unique product that allows the real time measurement of radon gas and is also able to provide an estimate of effective dose based on a user-settable equilibrium factor. The device is a small lightweight device that will usually be worn on the worker so as to accurately reflect the personal exposure to the individual. A very neat function that will allow personal doses to be carefully monitored and managed in accordance with current UK radiation protection legislation. The AlphaE will also be used as an environmental monitor to inform on site risk assessments prior to entry into a service reservoir or other underground location.
IRS is reviewing and analyzing the first wave of data captured by all the operational AlphaE devices, in order to profile the radon risk across the numerous service reservoir locations. Further blog up-dates will be provided in due course summarizing the latest developments in the application of this ground breaking technology, in what can only be described as a challenging environment.