Microbiomes are constituted by abundant microbial communities, that can’t be put aside and ignored. In human bodies for example, there are ten times more microbial cells than actual human cells, that is why it is essential to understand them better. There are more and more pressing questions regarding the influence upon human body of these communities, as microbiomes reflect the host’s health.  The comparison between sick & healthy microbiomes will bring answers and help diagnose diseases.

Researchers have access to new tools and techniques to  work on microbial communities. However, to truly understand microbiomes, scientists need new methods to map, monitor and manipulate microorganisms.

Precellys, the bead beating gold standard for sample disruption is used to grind tissue such as feces [3] or skin [4] related to microbiome studies. As access to the microbial community is the key, a complete tissue homogenization is required for further downstream processing such as sequencing [1][2]. The Precellys Evolution homogenizer, combined with dedicated lysing kits, is the best partner to save time and improve the efficiency of sample preparation protocols.

For DNA, RNA or proteins, Precellys homogenizers can efficiently grind any sample type while maintaining reproducibility amongst biological replicates and eliminate cross-contamination. This instrument is frequently used on research protocols ensuring a fast and efficient sample disruption process.

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