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    DNA human identification from bone fragments

    Sources: Instituto de Criminalística do Paraná; Universidade Positivo - Brazil


    Bone fragment is the most common sample used for DNA human identification from carbonized bodies or corpses, for the lack of any other organic material on these evidences. The scarce DNA in these evidences is the main reason why not always a conclusive result is achieved by traditional methodologies for DNA extraction and purification, such as phenol chloroform with Proteinase K digestion. The new methodology based on Precellys®24is a new alternative to achieve conclusive results on DNA extraction and purification, in cases where the sample does not have enough organic material1).


    1) Daphne Manuela Toledo, Hemerson Bertassoni Alves; Precellys®24 forensics practice, Curitiba2009 Corresponding Author: Prof. Hemerson BertassoniAlves ( farmacia@up.edu.br)


    Seven samples were analyzed from bone fragments, from carbonized bodies and corpses. In all cases, DNA extraction by conventional protocol did not give a good result (15 autosomic loci). In these cases, all results were considered inconclusive. The genetic profile was achieved in six out of seven inconclusive tests, giving a genetic profile positive result of 85,7% of the samples processed on Precellys®24 (Tab.1). Only one case was not concluded, due to the high level of sample degradation. When comparing the traditional methodology, this new method with Precellys®24 is faster, more feasible, reliable and more economical. The vacuum system provides security and stability to the samples. The single tubes avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

    DNA human bone

    Tab.1: Result for each samples studied. CM= Conventional Method, P24= Precellys®24 method, BF= bone fragment, Inc= inconclusive result, Conc.= 1) Daphne Manuela Toledo, Hemerson Bertassoni conclusive result


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