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    Efficient extraction of pyridine nucleotides from mouse muscle

    Sources: Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Orlando, Florida, USA


    Measurement of pyridine nucleotides (NMN, NAD+, NADH, NADP, NADPH) in biological samples is vitally important given their pivotal, multifaceted roles in intermediary metabolism. We devised robust sample processing and LC/MS/MS methods to accomplish this challenging task given the inherent instability of these metabolites. Our assay precision and accuracy were enabled by the use of a Precellys Evolution homogenizer and custom-synthesized heavy isotope-labeled internal standards. We used these methods to profile the pyridine nucleotide pool in mouse gastrocnemius.


    Pyridine nucleotides in the homogenate supernatants were quantitated using a Dionex 3000 HPLC/ThermoScientific Quantiva triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. The tables below show the comparison between levels of pyridine nucleotides (pmol/mg dry tissue)  determined in mouse gastrocnemius homogenized using manual versus Precellys Evolution homogenization.


    Table 1. Levels of oxidized pyridine nucleotides (n = 4) obtained from manual and Precellys Evolution homogenization.


    Table 2. Levels of reduced pyridine
    nucleotides (n = 2) obtained from manual and
    Precellys Evolution homogenization.


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