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    Focus note on Soil & Environment applications


    Soil & Environmental field gathers a wide range of samples such as soils, plants, animal, microorganisms, wastewater etc. and often mixed. This makes the sample preparation step complex.In some cases, the sample preparation method must be able to dissociate soft or hard matrices from microbial communities inside them. In other cases, living microorganisms have to be extracted from the matrices. Moreover, the targeted molecules are often in low concentration then big quantities of sample have to be proceeded at once in order to increase the detection limit. To meet these needs, Precellys® homogenizers provides a high speed sample disruption based on bead-beating in 2, 7 and 15mL associated to a wide range of lysing kits for the extraction of RNA, DNA, proteins but also living microorganisms from various matrices within minutes with high reproducibility, high throughput and no cross-contamination.


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