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    Post-mortem Redistribution of Drugs in Rats

    Sources: Laboratory of Pharmacology - CHU Bordeaux


    Drug concentration in tissues and body fluids change between the death and the postmortem specimen collections because of post-mortem redistribution. The aim of this study was to investigate post-mortem redistribution of the 2 cardiotoxic antipsychotic drugs: haloperidol and thioridazine, in order to interpret the postmortem redistribution. The rat has been chosen as the animal model.


    See also the publication in the journal of Analytical Toxicology, 30(7)/ 419-25, September 2006, Nadege Castaing, KarineTitier, Mireille Canal-Rafin, Nicholas Moore,Mathieu Molimard.


    Those chromatograms present liquid-liquid extraction results obtained from heart samples 6 hours after death. At this time the concentration of haloperidol and thioridazine was respectively 472 ng/g and 1435 ng/g (significant variation).

    Chromatograms of Liquid/ liquid extraction.

    Chromatograms of Liquid/ liquid extraction.


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