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    RNA extraction from regenerated limbs

    Faculty of Science, GAKUSHUIN UNIVERSITY


    Frog and newt are typical vertebrates famous for their regenerative abilities. To elucidate this molecular biological mechanism, we examine specific RNA expression levels on their regenerating tissues as daily work. To get reliable results from RNA expression assays, a quality/quantity of extracted RNAs is critical. In this report, we compare RNA yields by the Minilys bead beater against the BioMasherII disposable manual tissue grinder. The grinder is our former tool of homogenization.


    All the samples were successfully dissociated by Minilys (Figure 2). Although a few debris of skin remained after the Minilys homogenization, the debris themselves were smaller than the ones remaining after the manual grinding. For all the samples tested, the Minilys gave higher quantities of RNAs than the manual method. The manual method did not give RNA from the Froglet stump 2 (Table 1), but the Minilys did.


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