Total RNA extraction from mouse kidney before RNA sequencing - Bertin Instruments


    Total RNA extraction from mouse kidney before RNA sequencing

    Sources: Laboratoire de Biologie et Modélisation de la Cellule UMR5239


    Gene expression levels in an organ are only reliably estimated if extraction is performed from the whole organ (as smaller parts may not be representative of the whole organ). We seek to extract high quality total RNA from a whole mouse kidney to perform RNA sequencing.

    The purpose of this application note is to establish the best protocol for RNA extraction and demonstrate that the Precellys® 24 provides a very efficient extraction from either a half or a whole mouse kidney. We compare the RNA quality and integrity after homogenization.


    High quality RNA (RIN>8.8) was obtained for all samples


    The Dropsense analysis showed that there was no detectable phenol, protein or DNA in our samples, for both conditions (0ng/ul).
    As expected, RNA concentration was about twice higher for the 200mg sample as compared to the 100mg sample .


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