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    Microorganisms studies are critical as they are used for bio-production or health researches. They are difficult to lyse due to their thick cell wall, which makes nucleic acid extraction difficult.

    A major application for the Precellys is the microbiology studies. The Precellys can be used for any research concerning bacteria (gram + or -), viruses, yeast, cells, spores etc.

    Microorganisms are difficult to lyse due to their extremely small size and their thick cell wall which makes nucleic acid extraction complicated. Precellys equipment and adapted lysing kits containing small (< 1mm) glass beads to offer a real rapid and effective alternative to usual methods as chemical lysis or manual grinding. As Precellys solutions were initially designed for BSE diagnosis, it was mandatory to be able to work in BSL3 laboratories. This unique feature allow the Precellys to be used for infective and virulent microorganisms studies. Today, Precellys 24 or Precellys Evolution can be used in BSL4 laboratories, the ones working on HIV or Ebola.


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