Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group subsidiary, announces the launch of the SaphyRAD-E, a device for monitoring the level of radioactive contamination on surfaces. Designed to meet EDF requirements, this device will gradually equip the 19 nuclear plants currently in operation in France. Its main use will be to detect and prevent any surface contamination of personnel leaving work areas.

EDF was seeking to introduce new monitors that would perform simple and effective checks whilst at the same time being compatible with the majority of probes available on the market. With a variety of different measurement modes, the solution offered by Bertin is more robust and adaptable, permitting its use in difficult workplace environments by both expert and non-expert personnel to carry out radiation protection measurements.

In order to meet this specification, Bertin Technologies’ engineers have in particular relied on the expertise of Bertin’s ergonomics business unit and have succeeded in developing a comprehensive solution in less than 12 months. The equipment is based on the recent DOM 420 radiation meter developed by Bertin for the French Ministry of Defense.

The display has been redesigned in order to provide a user friendly interface with a color screen and a data display using icons. A special algorithm has also been built in to permit rapid source detection. The unit includes a wide range of α, β and α+β contamination probes. Finally, one of the major innovations is the remote distance sensors embedded within the probe and coupled to visual and audio alarms, dedicated to provide operators with an indication that measurements have been satisfactorily carried out.

The SaphyRAD-E has been designed and is manufactured by Bertin at its industrial plant in Thiron-Gardais (Eure-et-Loir), which includes in particular a COFRAC-accredited calibration centre with 2 bunkers: one for radiation measurement and another for dose measurement.

“Having taken over Saphymo at the beginning of 2015, Bertin Technologies is now one of the rare 100% French-owned operators in the field of radiation protection and measurement of ionizing radiation levels explains Philippe Demigné, Chairman of Bertin Technologies and CNIM Group board member. “We have been active for more than twenty years in developing new technologies and supplying radiation protection products, in France and worldwide. EDF has been placing its trust in us for many years and this new contract confirms our position as a privileged partner.”

This first model in the SaphyRAD range will in time be complemented by the addition of specialized probes designed to meet the multiple and varied needs of the international market: nuclear plants as well as hospitals, emergency services, etc.

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